Cleo's Deli in Prahran & Elwood

Who are we...

Cleo's Deli, established in 1985 is an iconic gourmet food store. With stores located at Prahran Market - Melbourne's oldest and tastiest fresh food Market and in Elwood by the bay.

We have an extensive range of local and imported goods sourced from the best artisanal creators and world class producers. Cleo's encompasses a wide-ranging cheese and small goods selection. Our comprehensive cheese presentation is tantalising and offers perfect matches to other accompaniments or provide stand-alone sensual treats. We have some outstanding charcuterie including a great selection of Jamòn, prosciutto, chorizo and other cured delicacies.

We provide exceptional yet affordable options for catering for events of any scale; picnic gatherings to weddings. Cleo's also delivers premium yet affordable deli produce to many cafes, restaurants, event venues and caterers in Melbourne.

Come give us a visit and say hello to the vibrant and helpful foodie team here at Cleo's Deli!